Christmas Sweet Treats 2nd. Ed., 57"

Christmas Sweet Treats 2nd. Ed., 57"

Ditz Designs
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Bring the Joy of Christmas to any space with this beautiful heirloom quality Father Christmas character.  The Sweet Treats takes us down memory lane - baking cookies and enjoying candy canes! In his hand, he carries a lighted black lantern with a remote controlled candle that twinkles mimicking an actual flame. He wears a bright red coat, an embossed ivory underskirt, and trimmed in a lovely faux fur. Each character is signed, numbered, and made to order by Ditz Designs in Norwalk, Ohio.

• Plastic lantern with remote controlled candle
• 150 LED lights 
• 57" Character
• 72" Tree
• 50 lbs


SKU: 12125